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Score Reporting


Scores from each contest should be updated no later than one week after the contest date. Any scores submitted after this time period will not be accepted. As of Fall 2014, we are implementing a new scoring method that will no longer require the emailing of scores or the faxing of “Contest Scoring Sheets.” Make sure you keep a good record of the scores using the “Contest Scoring Sheet” distributed every year. We reserve the right to request for these sheets if there is any cheating or proctor malpractice.

Procedure to submit scores:
1. Go to: http://www.nyciml.org/contests/contest-scoring-forms
2. Click on the division you are submitting scores for.
3. The page is password protected to prevent outsiders from submitting scores. If you do not know or have forgotten the password, please contact us at exec@nyciml.org.
4. You will see a form for contest scoring. Make sure you fill in the correct contest number that you are submitting for and the correct email in case there is an issue with the scores.
5. Please be consistent with the “School Name” and “Team Name.” We will be using these names for scoring and awards.
6. Fill out the student scores accordingly. We only accept five students per team for each contest.
7. For the signature section, fill in your full name agreeing that you have looked over the scores and the information is correct.
8. Lastly, feel free to fill out your feedback and your thoughts on the difficulty of the questions. This will help us and the question writers improve on future contests, we appreciate your feedback!

You should receive a confirmation email after you have submitted the scores. If you have found that you submitted a score incorrectly, or if you are having issues with the scoring system, please email us at exec@nyciml.org

Thank you,
The NYCIML Executive Committee