Contest Results

In each Division, we will post the names of the top 25 students overall. Scores for all participating students will be visible, but with names removed for students ranking beyond 25th. Team Scores will be shown for all participating teams. A “-” indicates no scores have been received for that round.

In the Soph-Frosh, Junior, and Senior A divisions, Special schools have been ranked separately.
The special schools are the 8 specialized high schools and Hunter College High School.

2023-2024 Standings

Archived Scores

NYCIML Dropped Questions

We try our best to prevent the dropping of questions, but if and when it does happen, we would like to keep you informed. Therefore, we dedicate this page to keep you updated on which questions are dropped and the reason for it. There are currently no dropped questions and we hope to keep it that way.

Spring 2017
Division: Soph-Frosh
Contest #1, Question #6
Reason: There was a conflict with the solutions and resubmitting scores would be time-consuming for coaches.