Score Reporting


Scores from each contest should be updated no later than the Friday of the week after the contest. Any scores submitted after this time period will not be accepted. Starting in Fall 2022, we have returned to the use of Google Forms for scores submitting, as this should facilitate timely release of results. The Google Form will be linked in every contest email. While there is a different form for each division, the same form will be used for the entire term.

If you have found that you submitted a score incorrectly, please let us know, otherwise it won’t be counted.

Here are some things that you need to be aware of:

  1. Please capitalize names and try to spell them the same way each round so we can more easily combine results from each round.
  2. Five active members of a team should be decided before the contests is held.
  3. If someone is absent, the alternate student should also be chosen before the contest is administered. No student may compete for multiple teams in one semester.
  4. When entering scores, please check the box for each question a student answered correctly. Leave the box blank if the student did not answer or answered incorrectly. The total number of checked boxes should match the total team score.

If you have any question, concern or suggestion feel free to email us at at any time. We are trying our best to making the most convenient way for you.

Thank you,
The NYCIML Executive Committee