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Contest Information

We offer four different levels of contests for students of different ages, experience levels and mathematics backgrounds. Each team consists of five students. Students compete individually and against different teams at the same time. The contest season runs from October to April. There are six to ten contests for each division every school year, administered by a math teacher in-school. Every year, students and coaches meet at an awards ceremony in late May with other participants to celebrate their achievement from the whole year. Last year, more than one hundred teams from New York City and across the country participated in the NYCIML. We hope that you will join us and experience the exciting competition atmosphere! See the rules here for eligibility, possible awards, and proctoring procedures. To register, please click here.

2017-2018 Contest Schedule

Fall Term

Senior A & B Junior Soph-Frosh
October 4 October 18 October 19
October 25 November 8 November 9
November 1 November 15 November 30
November 29
December 6


 Spring Term

Senior A & B Junior Soph-Frosh
February 14 February 28 March 1
March 7 March 14 March 22
March 28 April 12 April 19
April 11
April 25

NYCIML Dropped Questions

We try our best to prevent the dropping of questions, but if and when it does happen, we would like to keep you informed. Therefore, we dedicate this page to keep you updated on which questions are dropped and the reason for it. There are currently no dropped questions and we hope to keep it that way.

Spring 2017
Division: Soph-Frosh
Contest #1, Question #6
Reason: There was a conflict with the solutions and resubmitting scores would be time-consuming for coaches.