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NYCIML 2018 – 2019 Registration

Registration is done online using the registration application below. **

One electronic copy (.pdf) of each contest is delivered through email to each competing team. A student may not participate on more than one team in any one semester. However, a student may change teams or divisions with the change of semesters (from Fall to Spring).

All contests are administered on Wednesdays (except Junior & Soph-Frosh on Thurs.) If possible, please list below any Wednesdays that you know about on which your team(s) cannot possibly compete.

If you have any questions, please email exec@nyciml.org.


$100 for each team, $30 for individual copies of all contests.

Please add exec@nyciml.org into your contact list and/or spam whitelist to ensure proper delivery of the confirmation email.

If you are experiencing technical difficulty, please email our webmasters at exec@nyciml.org.

Fee Waiver for New Schools

Any new school that has not competed in the NYCIML in the last five year is eligible for three fee waiver ($300). The three fee waivers may be used in any combination of teams that a coach may see fit.  In order to redeem this waiver, please email us at exec@nyciml.org.

Requirements for checks:

All checks are to be made out to N.Y.C.I.M.L. If you need an invoice, please contact us at exec@nyciml.org.

Please mail all checks to our treasurer. The address for the checks to be sent will be given in the confirmation email after this registration form is complete.

When we receive the check, we will send out a confirmation to you.

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