2021-2022 Registration

Registration link below will be updated as soon as possible (https://forms.gle/mwY92MWPhBMdpwqm7)**

One electronic copy (.pdf) of each contest is delivered through email to each competing team. A student may not participate in more than one team in any one semester. However, a student may change teams or divisions with the change of semesters (from Fall to Spring).

If you have any questions, please email exec@nyciml.org.


Each registered school will be asked to pay $75 in order to help with operating expenses, such as award distribution. Schools that are registering more than 3 teams for any division will be asked to pay an additional $75 per each division for which they have more than 3 teams (Examples can be found in the registration form). We will be confirming payment details in a later email.

Following registration, we will send out another email regarding grading logistics, and payment details.

Fee Waiver for New Schools

Any new school that has not competed in the NYCIML in the last five year is eligible for fee waiver. The fee waivers may be used in any combination of division that a coach may see fit.  In order to redeem this waiver, please email us at exec@nyciml.org.

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