Freshman Recruitment

Dear Coaches and Students,

The New York City Interscholastic Math League is currently looking for 2 to 3 freshman members to serve in the Executive Committee in the upcoming school year. There are currently 3 senior, 3 junior and 3 sophomore members. Each member will be assigned different roles on a rotational basis. In other words, each member will serve in different areas for a total of four (4) years during their college years and serve two (2) additional years on the Board of Director after graduation (For full Executive Committee member job description, please click here).

The Executive Committee consists of college students who are all NYCIML veterans. Joining the NYCIML Executive Committee is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the high school math team community and learn about teamwork and leadership! To coaches, I am sure you are all very proud of your students’ achievement during high school years and will continue to encourage them to actively participate in the same area in college and beyond. If you know of any graduating high school seniors who would be good fits, please tell him/her the good news. To students, if you think you are responsible and are interested in managing the league, interacting with other alumnus in the organization; please don’t hesitate to join us.

Any rising college freshman interested in being part of the Executive Committee, please fill out the freshman application and email to by noon on Wednesday, May 12.

(Freshman application can be found here.)

Thank you!


Eva Chan

NYCIML Co-President 2009-2010

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