NYCIML Executive Committee Member Application for 2013-2014

The New York City Interscholastic Math League is accepting freshman members to serve on the Executive Committee in the upcoming school year 2013-2014. The Executive Committee consists of college students who have participated in the IML in high school. There are currently one senior, two junior, three sophomore, and four freshman members on the committee. Each new member is expected to serve on the committee until he or she graduates from college. The executive members are assigned different roles within the organization each year. A more detailed job description of the committee members can be found in the application.

Joining the Executive Committee is a great opportunity to give back to the high school math team community and to learn about teamwork and leadership. Our current executive members have enjoyed maintaining the quality and integrity of the league’s contests, implementing new ideas and coming up with ways to reach out to more schools across New York City and beyond, as well as interacting with coaches and students from our participating schools.

Any graduating high school senior who is interested in joining the math league and whose character, vision, and dedication resembles who we seek is welcomed to apply.

The application can be found here. The application should be filled out and returned to by Sunday, June 2nd 2013 (Earlier the better, so we can start getting in contact with you).

*** Attachment: NYCIML Freshman Application for 2013-2014

** Keep in mind that references are NOT required, but may be helpful.

Thank you.


Chirag Shah
NYCIML President 2012-2013