Exciting New Features Are Being Rolled Out

Dear Coaches,

We are proud to introduce to you two new features coming out of our labs:

Dvision Talk: This is the place where you can communicate with coordinators and other coaches without using e-mail.  Everyone can read but account at nyciml.org is required to post comment.  Accounts have been set up for all coaches whose teams are registered with NYCIML for 2009-10 and whose registration included valid coach email and phone number.

Login Credentials

Your username is your first and last name written in lower-case without middle name or punctuation.
e.g., IF your name is Tim A. The’Beaver
THEN your username is timthebeaver

Your password is your username and the last 4 digits of your home phone number (if no home phone was provided at registration, use school phone)
e.g., IF your username is timthebeaver and your home phone is 718-000-1717
THEN your password is timthebeaver1717

If you have any questions regarding your login credentials or you are unable to log in, please contact us for technical support at webmaster@nyciml.org.

Old Contests: This is the place where you can download old contests you purchased from us.  Your Division Talk account will be granted access to the downloads once we have verified your purchase.


Kam Chuen Chan