NYCIML 2016-2017 Award Ceremony

The NYCIML 2016-2017 Award Ceremony was a success! We hope you enjoyed the award ceremony and thank you to those who joined us. We would like to thank Michael Curry for being our guest speaker for this year’s award ceremony. It was a pleasure for him to be the guest speaker. We would also like to thank our Soph-Frosh Division Coordinator, Jing, for her icebreaker, which was very competitive, and also was a great way to interact with students.
As promised, below are the photos from the award ceremony. Feel free to save and share them to others for them to see:

Lastly, congratulations to the winners! Thank you coaches for putting effort in their math team. In addition, we thank all students and coaches who took part of in NYCIML 2016-2017 for their interest in NYCIML and their participation in the contests this year.
It was an honor for those who came to the award ceremony. It was a pleasure to meet those who came and we are looking forward to work with you next school year.
High school seniors: please remember to submit Freshman Applications. It it due June 11th, and it is a great opportunity to be a part of the Executive Committee! The earlier you submit, the better.
Coaches: If you know any high school seniors who are/may be interested, please remind them about the Freshman Application.