NYCIML 2021-2022 Registration

Hello Coaches,

I hope all of you are well! Registration this year will be handled through this Google Form:

Additionally, each registered school will be asked to pay $75 in order to help with operating expenses, such as award distribution. Schools that are registering more than 3 teams for any division will be asked to pay an additional $75 per each division for which they have more than 3 teams (Examples can be found in the registration form). We will be confirming payment details in a later email.

For the upcoming Fall semester, NYCIML will be going back to our standard pre-COVID format. We will have 4 divisions: Soph-Frosh, Junior, Senior B, Senior A. These divisions are listed in order of difficulty. Note that we have returned to our former convention that Senior A is more difficult than Senior B.

We have scheduled the dates for contests:

Soph-Frosh (all on Thursday): 10/28, 12/2, 1/6

Junior (all on Wednesday): 10/27, 12/1, 1/5

Senior A/B (all on Wednesday): 10/13, 11/3, 11/17, 12/15, 1/12

If these dates are not possible, we will allow schools to take the contest on other days on a case-by-case basis — please email us if this is the case for you.

Following registration, we will send out another email regarding grading logistics, and payment details.

Hoping for a great contest season,