NYCIML Freshman Executive Application 2015


The NYCIML Freshman Executive Application 2015-2016 is finally available now!!! NYCIML is a nonprofit organization where college students volunteer their time to the math community. Every year, we search for high school seniors who are willing to become part of the NYCIML community. This year, we are doing it again! The applications are posted below and are due Sunday, June 7th, 2015. Instructions are included in the application. Please share this to your students (or the whole school!) for this awesome opportunity! If you have any students that you believe are great for the NYCIML community, don’t hesitate in asking them to apply. Although limited to high school seniors, we encourage awesome coaches like you to let them keep note that once they become a high school senior, they can apply to be part of our community!

If you have any questions regarding the application, please email us at

NYCIML Freshman Executive Application 2015

NYCIML Freshman Executive Application Flyer

Best of luck and awesomeness,

Anne Liang

NYCIML Webmaster, Junior Division Coordinator