NYCIML 2014-2015 Award Ceremony

The NYCIML 2014-2015 Award Ceremony was a success! We hope you enjoyed the award ceremony and thank you to those who joined us. Thank you to David Hankin for being our guest speaker, and thank you to Larry Zimmerman for coming up to speak.

As promised, below are the photos we took during the award ceremony:

Now, there is something that must be said. Our current Co-Presidents, Alex and Gagik are leaving us . It has been four years already. They were awesome as Co-Presidents and we appreciate their dedication to NYCIML. We will miss them a lot, for we know that they have been great all four years. Let’s wish them luck and success in the future!

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you to the coaches who continue to dedicate their time and energy into math team. In addition, thank you to the parents who joined us today!

Thank you again for coming, we look forward to be working with all of you the next school year!

Reminder: For graduating high school seniors, please don’t forget about the freshman applications! It is due June 14th, 2015. (Application is on the previous post)